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                                        URBEST MAX 1

                                                                     SPD 6531E

    Here you will find all the latest Itel firmware for (Urbest max 1)If you are looking for Itel A16 stock ROM firmware, then you are on the right page.
    Before downloading, make sure your device is Urbest max 1, if it is not, then flashing the below stock firmware can brick your device.
    The Urbest max 1 firmware helps in unbricking the device, updating the device to latest keypad version, revert the device back to stock, fix boot loop issues and several other issues on your device.

    Firmware                                      Download     
     File size:    MB 3.42

                                                    how to flash it

                                                                       Use miracle thunder 2.82 select

    Select  SPD 6531E SP

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